noun 1. a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

Oh, how I adore a gentleman.

If becoming more aquainted is something you might fancy, please send a detailed request of how you’d like to spend our time together so I can curate a truly bespoke experience for you.

Your preferred time, date, location and of course your screening information (two dainty lady references please or work verification (Linked In/verifiable work email address) alongside a a selfie holding a copy of your ID) and a cell phone number is essential. All information offered will be kept completely and entirely confidential; your cell phone will only be used with permission . The more willingly this is offered, the more at ease I will be. Respect begets respect. It also holds space and allows for deeper, more fulfilling and intensely euphoric intimate experiences.

If you’d like to visit me, I’ll need 24 hours to prepare a space, as well as an additional fee of $200. I am a fully independent companion and have never been affiliated with an agency. I am happy to accommodate same day requests for 50% extra gratuity.

I do require a small deposit to confirm a date, sans exception. $200 for dates two hours and under, $500 for dates above this time pocket. 50% for Fly Me To You/Drive Me To You (outside LA County). Dates outside LA County require a four hour minimum booking time.

A date simply cannot be confirmed without a deposit. Bitcoin is preferred (please board the crypto train! Pluto is in Capricorn!) but I also accept Amazon/Visa giftcard.

I understand that life happens and we all need to cancel/reschedule sometimes. I’m happy to return your deposit if cancellation occurs 48 hours before our date. A first cancellation that occurs within a 48 hour window can be applied towards a future date. A second cancellation occurring within a 48 hour window of our date incurs 50% gratuity. Cancellations within a 24 hour window of our date behests full gratuity.

In gratias x

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