Floral Thoughts

Ma Mère

The silence is deafening. No.It aches a dull sound. When sound isn’t enough. When food doesn’t fill hunger. When words are empty alphabet letters.Jumbled together by some code.Created a million years ago. Did they know that those words can cut human flesh?That those letters harbour a screech so loudThey make the ocean’s molecules rise up … Ma Mère


Oh pain.You’re a crescendo stripped down my body,Like the pajamas of a prisoner stuck,In amidst her angst filled mind. I walk down the streets paced with what the world has shunned. They cry urine stains horizontal down the dirty minced stones.I scream silently for everything I see,Drop copper in a paper cup. That might end … LES


And all of a sudden, she realised that everything she craved, she already had living within her spirit. An overflowing, uncontainable fountain of love; a strong yet gentle, warm, low hum sang soothing songs to her whether she was surrounded or completely alone. The ground no longer felt wobbly, and she no longer wanted to … Stay

Granulous, Grey Areas

Ah life is pain, isn’t it? It’s Sunday morning, correction, Sunday afternoon, and I’m tired. This is obviously a blanket statement. We’re all tired, are we not? Similes have been constructed for the very purpose of further describing what these mundane, overused words mean in the undertone, but quite often it’s easier to blanket deep … Granulous, Grey Areas