~ Vorfreude ~

Kitty Cat Chats

A phone call ~ one hours


Just Drinks

Imbibe with me ~ ninety minutes


A Beautiful Interlude

A decadent indulgence ~ two hours


A Delightful Dalliance

Let’s revel in each other’s company ~ three hours


A Sensual Awakening

A date kissed by divinity ~ four hours


Soul Nourishment

Let’s get lost in each other ~ six hours


Slow Dancing in a Dark Room

An evening to remember ~ twelve hours


Plant Alchemy

A deeply intimate experience with plant medicine ~ six hours (supplements included)


Please inquire for bespoke experiences beyond twelve hours, sponsored tours and Fly Me To You’s/Drive Me To You’s.

Incalls incur a subsidiary $200 fee.

Please note all manner of rendezvouses begin gently with lively libations in the King and I theme of “getting to know you.

For more information on curating a unique, healing medicine journey experience, please inquire within.